Impetus Battle Report – A Camp Overrun

Stockwood’s army was in disarray. Rodger of Lynn, his nephew, was being held captive in Milan, the rest of his cavalry were headed north to muster fresh recruits, and his current standing army was understrength and worn. Stockwood had underestimated his opponent, the Austrian general Karl Von Dertflinghan, and had suffered a decisive defeat because of it. It was during these ponderings that one of his outriders galloped hard into the camp and came straight away to the general’s tent. The news was grave. The Milanese army was less than two hours march from the main mercenary camp. It was a raiding force of primarily cavalry and light troops so it wouldn’t take long for them to move into attacking position. Stockwood made a snap decision – he would form up the bulk of his infantry to stop the advance while the rest of his men headed into the Swiss hills with the most valuable supplies in tow. Hopefully his disposed employer’s relationship with the Swiss would see Stockwood and his men welcomed, warmly or otherwise, and out of the Milanese army’s reach.

The Battlefield:

The main camp was located in a narrow pass at the edge of a great wood. The mercenary infantry deployed at the edge of the hills to await the Milanese charge.

The Battle:

Light crossbowmen and handgunners ran ahead of the Milanese knights, skirmishing and drawing fire from the English archers and the French crossbows.

The confusion caused by the skirmishers allowed the main cavalry line to come dangerously close to the archers while maintaining good order.

In spite of the archers’ best efforts, Italian knights crashed into the line and instigated a brutal melee.

The knights chased down fleeing archers and confronted Stockwood’s personal guard.

Realizing that his centre was collapsing, Stockwood begrudgingly gave the retreat order.

Von Dertflinghan and his knights smashed the mercenary left flank.

The remnants of the mercenary camp were in reach and within less than an hour of coming onto the field of battle, Italian knights engaged in full-fledged plunder.

It was a dark day for Stockwood, his men, and their employer, King Rene. After the battle the mercenary army moved into the Swiss countryside with the hopes of finding safe refuge. What happens next? Only time can tell.

It was so great to finally play some
Impetus again. Marc and I played some 6mm Roman vs. Parthian action over the past few months, but nothing is quite as satisfying as breaking out the 15mm armies. Marc will be painting a 15mm English army himself this year, so our 15mm historical battle gaming should be less sporadic. This was a fun and fast game, and it has to be said, I misplayed my army, and it showed. Maybe I learned something; something that I can remember and apply to the next game. Who knows?

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  1. Bishop Lord says:

    As always Top Job:-)

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