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Workbench Update: Citadel Gaming Hills

I haven’t been quite as active in either the painting or blogging departments lately. Truth is, my wife is ready to give birth and with all of the baby preparations I’ve had neither the time nor inclination to do much … Continue reading

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Impetus Battle Report – A Camp Overrun

Stockwood’s army was in disarray. Rodger of Lynn, his nephew, was being held captive in Milan, the rest of his cavalry were headed north to muster fresh recruits, and his current standing army was understrength and worn. Stockwood had underestimated … Continue reading

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Warmachine Action: Nemo vs. The Butcher

A long overdue geek day was upon us again, and with my new baby due to “arrive” within the next few weeks, I’m not sure when exactly I”ll be attending another one, so I was itching to play. Yet again, … Continue reading

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When the Dead Come’a Knockin

As promised, Chris and I tried out some Weird Wild West gaming last night using the Chaos In Cairo rules. If the idea of playing a Western game with 1920’s Egyptian Pulp rules offends your geekly sensibilities, then perhaps you … Continue reading

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Playing Weird Wild West with Modified Goal System Rules

Once in a blue moon a geek comes up with a great or particularly twisted idea (which in the geek world amounts to about the same thing). I had one such brainstorm this morning as I drank my tea and … Continue reading

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The Curse of the Dertflinghans: Chapter Five

excerpt from DR. RICHARD ALCOCK’S JOURNAL 22 April. Old West Road – Tonight we take well-deserved rest. Our camp lies in a small hollow near a trickling brook and, according to our guide, we should reach Dertflinghan tomorrow evening if … Continue reading

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