Workbench Update: Ruins of Osgiliath

After discovering Maelstrom Games a while back, I couldn’t resist jumping in on the free shipping and the great exchange rate from pounds to dollars. I ordered some flock, a magazine, and the newly-released Ruins of Osgiliath from Games Workshop. I don’t play the Lord of the Rings but, since these pieces have such a generic quality, I knew I had to have them. Since they’re fairly new I thought some of you might like to see some shots of the finished product.
Lots of room for Warmachine units to line up.

The leaf-work is generic enough for any setting as far as I’m concerned.

The Count engages in a summoning ritual to the Nameless Ones.

I also finished painting my Heroquest furniture this weekend. The sorcerer’s table shown above, the stone sarcophagus pictured in earlier games, and everything shown below completes the collection. Combined with my floor cut-outs and the Heroquest doors, we are ready to take our games into the lost dungeons and forgotten catacombs of Eastern Europe.

One more word on the ruins before I finish up; a word of warning to be more specific. The large piece of the main ruin was fairly warped, so I conducted numerous hot water-cold water dunks to help re-straighten it. I improved it a fair deal but eventually had to use greenstuff to extend the base of the left-most wall. I’m still glad I bought them, and would definitely buy more but, for someone who is new to terrain-building, the warping would have likely been very vexing and certainly outside of what one should expect when dealing with a pre-fab kit.

Next up, I’m finally fixing up the GW tower that I bought a couple of years ago and never finished. It also had some assembly issues and, at the time of purchase, I never had the greenstuff ability to fix it properly. When the sculpting issues are repaired I’ll paint it up and post it here for your perusal.

Thanks for reading,

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