Wulfen Jager

Although their individual backgrounds may vary, the wulfen jager (or “wolf hunters”) all share two common traits; a highly developed skill-set in hunting and woodcraft, and the knowledge and experience required to successfully track and hunt lycanthropes. Werewolves are faster, stronger, and more deadly in hand-to-hand combat than the most exceptional human hunter, so it is a wonder that these men choose such thankless and often short-lived careers.

(L to R) Johann Von Dertflinghan and fellow wolfen jager Hans Klapp and Egon Fisching sense danger ahead in the Stygian darkness.

Whitemane lies in wait as Johann and Hans load their hunting rifles with silver bullets.

Johann employs fire at close-quarters, the only other weapon that has any damaging effect on a werewolf.

Hans Klapp outnumbered by werewolves – not an ideal scenario.

Johann Von Dertflinghan pays his respects at the grave of a long dead ancestor.

Painted By: Chris

Thoughts & Commentary:

The three wulfen jager models were painted by Chris and are the first installment of his British Monster Hunter warband. As some astute readers will have realized, Johann is the last known scion of the noble house of Dertflinghan. The land of his ancestors, although once a great center of trade and commerce, is now a tiny village nestled in a dark, cursed land.

We had the opportunity to play our first learning game of Chaos in Carpathia today, and i have to say “hats off” to Scott Pyle for writing a superb set of skirmish rules. They really capture the feel of role-playing while maintaining the fluid maneuver and fast action necessary for a stimulating war game.

Thanks for reading,

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