Workbench Update: The Quick and the Dead

In the previous post I left you with some photos of my scratch-built mausoleum. Since then I’ve thrown on some paint and moved on with the Old Graveyard project.

During the last couple of nights I broke out the old dependable cardboard and starting experimenting with making some graves. After much experimentation I’ve come up with a reasonable collection of graves and monuments.

Talk about hidden treasure! Some of you might recognize this sarcophagus from Games Workshop’s OOP game Hero Quest. I was rooting through my HQ furniture the other night (I plan on using some of it later in this project-J), and when I saw it I thought, “repaint!” It shall look right at home somewhere in the sprawling midst of the Dertflinghan cemetery.

This little number was purchased on a whim at Michael’s for $1.50 on my way home from work tonight. It was a birdhouse, but I thought I might attempt to make another mausoleum out of it. I sawed the bottom off to bring it down to scale. I may lose my patience with it and toss it aside, so don’t hold me to it.

Finally, as per the “spooky tree” reference in the last post, here’s what I had in mind. I have enough trees to do up five or six such bases. With a little filler, paint, and flock I think they could add some atmosphere to the graveyard, as well as to other locations in and around Dertflinghan.

Things are progressing nicely. I still have to consider another couple of pieces, and am wondering if I should make a wall for the cemetery. In any event, this is the last of the largish terrain projects for the Chaos in Carpathia project, and with any luck, it will be taken to completion this week.

Thanks for reading,

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