Workbench Update: A Grave Matter

Now that the hamlet of Dertflinghan is complete I’ve decided to keep on pushing through more of the Gothic Horror terrain that I’ve been planning. The next most involved project is the Old Graveyard. Last night I laid out the table to try and get an idea of what would be involved. As it turns out I need more terrain than I had originally thought I would. Getting back in touch with my thrifty side, I pulled out the trusty cardboard and got to work on a mausoleum. Here’s the finished product.

It’s certainly not as nice as professionally-sculpted resin ones, but it cost me nothing except an hour or so of my time. The green pillars are made from drinking straws, while the door frame is a leftover bit from the original Mordheim boxed set (which I pre-ordered back when it came out)

I took a shot with Whitemane for scale.

The current plan is to make a couple more mausoleums, some graves and family plots, perhaps a fountain/pool, and even some outdoor sarcophogi. I’m pondering making some stone walls in various status of repair so that I can enclose the graveyard.

I dug up these Woodland Scenics tree armatures that I bought a few years ago. I was going to make some new trees for my collection, but after making the first one, I found the foliage wasn’t quite durable enough for wargaming, so the box got put on the shelf and forgotten. I’ve decided to base them up and to paint them as spooky, leafless, autumn trees.

After my test layout last night I came to one important conclusion – I want a big graveyard. I’m picturing movies where the graves are spread out and are separated by copses of trees and undergrowth. I’ll just keep forging ahead until I run out of steam.

Chris has completed his 400-point Impetus army and has his British Monster Hunters primed and ready to go. With any luck we’ll be starting our epic Chaos in Carpathia campaign in around two to three weeks.

Thanks for reading,

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