Free Company Camp

Impetus Unit Type: Camp/Baggage
Base Size: 12cm x 8cm
Manufacturer: Corvus Belli, Tents by Baeuda

This piece was quite a fun project, and in fact, was the first camp element I’d ever painted. The Baeuda tents were a real joy to paint and I can’t recommend them enthusiastically enough. Those who have kept up with the developing army will notice that the tent colours match the liveries of my two generals; Sir James Stockwood (black & white) and his nephew, Rodger of Lynn (yellow & red).

When I started painting this element, I knew that I would have two tents and some guards standing around. However, I also wanted something a little extra – something indicative of the Free Company army. When I thought about painting guardsmen in both livery colours, I got the idea of longbowmen sharpening their skills through a friendly archery competition. The arrows are straight pins cut and glued, while the fletches are made from tiny pieces of a cereal box carefully (and mind-numbingly) glued in place.


Stockwood’s advisors William Boar (L) and Benito Tucci (R)

Guess where carelessness on the practice field gets you… guard duty.

“Not a bad shot… for a Lynn man!”

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