Breton Javelinmen (units #1 & 2)

Impetus Unit Type: S
Base Size: 8cm x 2cm
Manufacturer: Feudal Castings (dog by Corvus Belli)

Some of these models appeared in a previous post, but as I finished painting the second unit, I decided to re-base them. I had originally decided to base my skirmishing units on 8×3 cm bases. However, I’ve realized that 2cm depth is optimal at this scale. In short, a skirmishing unit based three centimetres deep cannot interpenetrate a cavalry unit in one move. Considering that the javelinmen will spend most of their time supporting my knights, I figured it was better to change the basing before I got too far into the project.

I’ve kept the entry of the original unit where it is (for those who wish to compare the base depths)

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