Free Company Reinforcements: Step One

After playing our first 15mm medieval game of Impetus, Chris and I had discussed expanding the armies from 200 points to 300 points. Frankly, I was ready to rest on my laurels for a week or so and paint some other stuff, but Chris has gone full steam ahead and has already started his next 100-point chunk. Not to be outdone, I decided that it was best to strike while the iron was hot. My wife and son had mild touches of the cold last night and spent most of the evening in bed watching a movie, after which they turned out the lights and went to sleep. I decided to take my tea to the geek room and to get down to business.

Between last night and this morning I’ve managed to prep and prime everything I need to make the leap to 300 points. Shown below are enough models to make a second base of heavy cavalry and my fourth unit of longbowmen. This cavalry unit includes command models and will be used to represent my secondary general.

I’ve also prepared three more units of skirmishers – a second unit of Breton javelinmen and two units of skirmishing crossbowmen. I have to say, the crossbow models were absolutely riddled with flash and took a lot of cleaning. However, they turned out great and I can’t wait to paint them.

.nobrtable br { display: none }The 300-point force will be divided into two commands. The first will form the main battle line and will be led by Mercenary General Sir James Stockwood. The second will be comprised of the cavalry and the bretons. It will be led by his nephew, Rodger of Lynn. As an younger and more impetuous man, he is currently fielded as a Poor general. Family…what can you do, really?

# Unit Type Pts
Average CS, Stockwood (Expert CIC), Lynn (Poor General) CMD 52
2 Dismounted Men-At-Arms FP 50
4 English Longbowmen T

2 Mercenary Crossbowmen S 24
2 Mounted Men-At-Arms CP 58
2 Breton Javalinmen (1 elite, 2 regular) S 24

That’s a grand total of 300 points on the nose and requires me to paint six cavalry and twenty-two infantry. I see this next step as the most crucial one in the project. After we’ve reached 300 points, our primary goal (i.e. 400 points) will seem well within range and nothing will hold us from the finish line.

Now I just have to decide what historical project I want to embark upon next. With the release of Extra Impetus #2, my mind is racing with numerous 15mm projects I’d like to try. Then of course there’s Basic Baroque in various scales and periods, and there’s other terrain projects I’d like to do… and how does this all tie-in to my Xmas list…and those Wargames Factory plastics are so nice… and…?

For now, I must concentrate on today and not worry about tomorrow until tomorrow.

Thanks for reading,

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