15mm Impetus: The Seeds are Planted

Thanks to an imminent move and family wedding, painting projects have officially come to a halt for the next week or two, as will wargaming and blog-posting . However, planning and 15mm painting still continues in the group at large, so I thought it was time to log where things stand at present and to identify the guilty parties.

Medieval French – Keir

Keir started painting 15mm knights quite some time ago. He has a rather hefty collection of Mirliton and Corvus Belli models, and I believe he intends to mix the two ranges. He has decided to focus his initial 400-point army on three unit types – mounted French men-at-arms, skirmishing crossbowmen, and lowly peasants. Since mounted French Nobles come in at a whopping 40 points per unit, I am anticipating that Keir’s army won’t be a gigantic affair. However, all of that colourful heraldry will certainly be impressive on the field when all is said and done.

Keir and I have been talking about Impetus for about a year and a half now, and he actually played his first game when he was in St. John’s around a month ago. If only he lived closer.

Italian City States (Milan) – Chris E.

Chris E. ordered a 400-point collection of Mirliton miniatures around a month or so ago. He’s planning a force that consists primarily of Italian knights with support provided in the form of crossbowmmen, spearmen, and skirmishing troops. Chris and I had one test game a while back. The thing that makes army so scary are those high VBU knights, which, unlike many other medieval knights, don’t suffer from the Impetuous rule.

As of the time of this writing, Chris has two units of knights completed and is in the throws of painting some skirmishing crossbowmen.

Swiss Confederates – Chris H.

Chris H. has decided to order enough models from Feudal Castings to build a 400-point Swiss army. His force will consist primarily of Swiss pikemen (no surprise) backed-up by skirmishing handgunners, halberdiers, and some mounted crossbowmen. Although I haven’t played against this army yet, I’ve played Impetus enough to know that the combination of Good Command Structure and solid, large pike blocks is going to be tough as hell to penetrate, especially with all of those mobile troops protecting the flanks.

Although Chris hasn’t started painting his army yet, he’s “that guy” in our group and will likely have his entire force completed before the anyone else despite our head-start.

Free Company – Me (aka JET, Jason)

As most readers are aware, I’ve started painting my Corvus Belli and Feudal Castings collection with the goal of fielding a Free Company force. As it currently stands, I have enough painted to play around 200 points, so I guess we could say that I’m close to halfway there. Whenever we get settled after this move, I plan to dig into the 15mm minis without delay.

From here on in I will be adding some crossbowmen and artillery to the army, in addition to bolstering the existing men-at-at arms, longbowmen, and javelinmen. Although Impetus isn’t exactly a terrain-dependant ruleset, I would like to make some scale-specific pieces – perhaps some fields or generic broken ground. We’ll see.

In spite of all the real-life distractions, I think it’s fair to say that we will most definitely be playing 400 points at this scale before Christmas. I can’t wait to see the game played at this scale, and in the meantime, I have to go on convincing myself that it is a spectacle worth waiting for.

Thanks for reading,

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