The Green Ridge Massacre

The Assumption Defenders were en route to save Miss Sue Ellen and the Rev’d Hargraves from the clutches of the Black Cole Elgin Gang (see previous post – J), when the Tom Gunne heard shots being fired near the old abandoned farm at Green Ridge. When the farm came within view, the sheriff and his men saw the outlawed major Eustace Pilesforth and his posse of southerners. Both sides prepared weapons and moved in to engage.

The Major rallied his men in the name of the South.

Deputy Sam Blake (grey waistcoat & bowler hat) and upstanding citizen Jake Hackett (toting shotgun) led the men towards the corral with guns drawn.

The major, drunk no doubt, galloped hard, cleared the fence, and charged into Ep and Gabe.

Meanwhile, the rest of the southerners advanced with guns blazing.

Sam, Jake, and Gus took to the fence for cover. Sam’s skill with a hogleg caused one of the southerners to go down.

Sheriff Gunne and Deputy Chafe ran in to the confused melee to help their fellow lawmen. The Major’s skill in hand-to-hand combat made up for the outnumbering however, and all but the Sheriff were badly wounded.

Meanwhile, Gus moved in and used his sixgun to drop Shem Redcorn.

Unfortunately, a hidden southerner with a rifle landed a shot in Gus’s forehead.

Before long, Jake and the sniper were getting to grips up close.

In the end, the cool nerve of the Sheriff and Deputy Blake put the major down, and the desperate man barely escaped with his life.

When the smoke cleared, Gabe MacIntyre was dragged back to town unconscious after losing much blood, and upstanding citizens Heinrich Epstein and Gus Carver were killed in hand-to-hand combat by the murdering major Eustace Pilesforth.

The survivors (L to R): Sam Blake, Bill Chafe, Tom Gunne, Jake Hackett.

Although the lawmen drove the southerners off and seriously wounded the major, seeing their friends and fellow fighters shot down delivered a crushing blow to their morale. Sheriff Gunne and his men decided to hire a couple of professional killers who were passing through Assumption the day before. It was time to deal with both the major and his men as well as the Black Cole Elgin Gang. As they headed back to town, Sheriff was overheard saying to Deputy Chafe:

“Don’t worry Bill. From here on in, there won’t be no prisoners. We’ll see em hung… we’ll see em ALL hung!”

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Ken and Chris H. were having a game of Warmachine at the same time. As you can see, Ken had to face the Butcher and five (yes, five) heavy Khador warjacks.

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