Shotgun Wedding (or "The Abduction of Miss Sue Ellen")

When we last looked in on the Assumption Defenders, they had just driven Major Eustace Pilesforth and his men from the town. All was peaceful. Too peaceful.

The Philiadelphia Kid and some other members of the Cole Elgin Gang had just sauntered out of the Full House Saloon. The drunken Kid stared across the street at the JP’s house and saw his lovely daughter, Miss Sue Ellen. The Kid approached and made a lame attempt at wooing the lady. When she dismissed him and tried to leave, the Kid and his companions got physical. Miss Sue Ellen screamed for help.

The scream alerted the remainder of the gang skulking on the outskirts of the town…

…as well as Sheriff Tom Gunne and Deputies Sam Blake and Bill Chafe.

Other members of the Assumption Defenders came running from various buildings in the town, ready to assist the lady in distress.

The Rev’d Hargraves preached from the Holy Bible. When the heathens ignored his homily he resorted to his sawed-off shotgun. Unfortunately, the drunken outlaws, passed any reasoning, shot the preacher in the leg and took him down.

All of the ruckus attracted the attention of some nearby citizens.

Ep, Ole Gabe, and Gus drew their pistols and a fierce firefight ensued. The Philadelphia Kid kept the lady subdued while he fired back at the interfering townsmen.

Although Gus survived, he was taken down by gunfire. Ep ran for cover while Gabe prepared to be assailed.

One of the outlaws charged into Gabe. Ep couldn’t stand by and watch the old man being beaten down. He ran in and took his sturdy cane to the crook.

The boys then tried to prevent the outlaws from getting Miss Sue Ellen out of town.

Gabe was pummelled to the ground leaving Ep on his own. The outlaws kept their guns trained on Ep as he threw his pistol to the ground. He watched helplessly as they backed down the alley way.

Meanwhile on the other side of town…

As soon as the screams were heard, the sheriff and his deputies realized that Black Cole Elgin and more of his men were sneaking outside of town, ready to assist the Philadelpia Kid in his attempted abduction.

Tom Gunne shot one of the outlaws down with his repeating rifle as they advanced towards the trees outside of town.

The lawmen held up at the storage yard and prepared their assault. Jake Hackett ran down to tell the sheriff of Miss Sue Ellen’s plight.

The lawmen were caught in a shoot out with the well-entrenched outlaws. Bullets were flying but for the most part, neither side was making any headway.

The lawmen advance continued. However, by the time Tom Gunne realized what was happening, it was too late. These men were obviously acting as a decoy while the Kid made it out of town with the helpless Miss Sue Ellen.

After the dust had settled, Sheriff Gunne and his deputies went to the aid of the fallen. They soon learned that the outlaws had taken the wounded Preacher with them as well. It didn’t take much imagination to realize the outlaw’s plan. The Philadephia Kid intended to take Miss Sue Ellen as his wife against her will.

It was great fun as usual to throw the posses down on the table. Marc and I decided to try something different; hence the Abduction scenario. In short, one of the outlaws had to stay in base contact with Miss Sue Ellen and could only move D6 inches per turn as they dragged her out of town against her will. If the outlaws failed a Head for the Hills test they lost. If the outlaws made it off the table with Miss Sue Ellen OR if the lawmen failed their Head for the Hills test, it would be an outlaw victory.

As it turned out, the lawmen failed their Head for the Hills test and the outlaws made it off the table with the Philadephia Kid’s bride-to-be. Marc and I have already decided that our next game will be an attempt to save the abducted lady from the outlaw hideout.

Thanks for reading,

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