15mm Knights & 10mm Gauls

I figured it was about time to give readers an indication of where I’m headed in my historical painting. I’m on holiday from work for a couple of weeks right now, so even though I’m spending most of my time pursuing outdoor endeavours, I’m still trying to get some modelling and painting in at knight. (That was a joke.. a bad one)

I have just finished my first unit of 15mm skirmishers for the Free Company army (previous post – J), and I thought it was high time to start in on a cavalry unit. The Free Company list calls for 4-12 units of mounted men-at-arms, and I’ll be completing just the four compulsory units over time, owing mostly to the limitations of my model collection. Here’s the first batch of mounted gents which comprise the first CP unit.

The models are all 15mm Corvus Belli and are taken from their codes of mounted men-at-arms, as well as English Hobilars. I’ll be adding shields to the Hobilars, attaching some penants, and painting each in an individual colourful livery. I am aiming to have the final unit looking like a rag-tag collection of European knights, men-at-arms, and independent mercenary cavalrymen.

In my last historical project post I had implied that I would be finishing the first 400 points of Carthaginians within a couple of weeks. However, since that post, the other 10mm painter (Chris H. – Romans) has announced that he shall have his force finished early in September. Since we will be having an open Geek Day on September 19th, I’ve decided to make that my goal for completion.

In any event, I’ve started the remaining Gauls and Libyans required for the 400-point list.

I’m in a new phase lately as a painter. For the first time in my painting “career,” I’m finding that I’m painting solely for enjoyment. Both the 10mm Pendraken models, and certainly the 15mm Free Company, provide me with a therapeutic hobby outlet that I’ve never experienced before.

The problem is, there are a handful of models that I want to use for Warmachine right now, but I lack any enthusiasm to paint them. Such is the life of a model-painter I suppose. As I said to Ken just the other day, any painting is good painting and it’s probably a bad idea to interrupt the organic flow of things.

Thanks for reading,

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