10mm Carthaginian Resurrection

I’m sure that some of you might remember the 10mm Carthaginian project I started almost a year ago. The photo below shows the models based for Basic Impetus.

Well, it turns out that the project is back on the painting table. Chris H. has acquired some 10mm Romans, so as a side project, we are going to each complete a 500-point army using Pendraken models. For me, this means re-basing everything I have painted, as well as painting up some more models.

Here’s the first experimental re-base next to an original base for comparison.

The inspiration to re-start, and then to re-base the army on smaller bases came from Grand Scale Wargaming (see my Blog List – JET), where Bishop Lord started a 10mm Burgundian army based the same way. In short, I’m too old, too busy, and too cantankerous to give every painting project 110%. By sticking with the smaller bases, I’ll get farther by painting less, and I’ll get just as much joy from playing a new army.

After much scraping and swearing, the re-basing begins in earnest.

It was time to start sorting through models and planning what had to be painted next.

I won’t bother stretching this project out over time and posting lots of updates. I’m hoping within the next couple of weeks or less to have the first 400 points completed and ready to play. Here’s what I’m aiming for:
.nobrtable br { display: none }

# Unit Type Pts
Good CS, Expert CIC, Fair General CMD 70
3 African Infantry FP 66
1 African Cavalry CM 23
2 Libyan Skirmishers S 24
4 Numidian Cavalry CL 92
6 Gauls (organized in 3 large units)

FL 63
2 Balearic Slingers S 28
2 Elephants ELE 34

I know that Chris H. has enough models to make a 500 point army, so I’m sure I’ll top this force up before long. For now however, I would be quite happy to see this long-stale project taken to a useable level. I can’t wait to try out a Carthaginian army.

Thanks for reading,

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