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The Rev’d Hargraves Cleanses Assumption

When we last looked in on the Assumption Defenders, Sheriff Tom Gunne had just hired a travelling preacher to minister to the needs of the townsfolk. It wasn’t long before Hargraves started noticing spiritual matters that needed dealin’ with. A … Continue reading

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You Won’t Believe It ‘Til You See It!

“Jason, those aren’t Warhammer Fantasy Battle Chaos Warriors, are they?” They certainly are. And, if I may be frank, if someone had told me a month ago that I would be painting models for WFB, I would have laughed heartily … Continue reading

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Geek Day Diary Entry #3: "Sector 10034.07.998 Secured!"

Dear Diary, Before I knew it, that time was here again – the monthly Geek Day. For those unaware, our small group has recently started getting out into a rented space about once a month. It allows us to play … Continue reading

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And on the 7th Day He Rested…

The Battlefleet Gothic Game Day draws near, and I have essentially done nothing to prepare. Luckily, I painted my fleet last year, so I was charged with contributing some terrain to the cause. Specifically, Ken and I were in charge … Continue reading

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Legion vs. Legion

Saturday night rolled around and everybody bailed – except Chris H.! We were going to proceed with our Warmachine plans, but Chris’s newest painted Khador models weren’t quite dry enough to travel, so he requested a game of Impetus. Anyone … Continue reading

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Recent Acquisitions

Through gifts and purchases, I’ve recently acquired some new geek items of interest. I thought some of you might be interested in seeing the new loot. First of all, my wife gave me a copy of the Gutshot Old West … Continue reading

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Largest Building So Far

Up to this point, I have avoided posting any material that isn’t directly geek-related on Geektactica. However, I’ve recently been building a greenhouse for my wife, and since I’ve devoted all my potential geek time and energy towards it, I … Continue reading

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