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Shoot-Out at the Storage Yard

After a few months of relative peace, the Assumption Defenders, under the capable leadership of young Tom Gunne, were assembled once more to deal with encroaching outlaws. Little was known about the band of rustlers sniffing around the county borders, … Continue reading

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The Assumption Defenders

We’ve decided that it’s time to play some Legends of the Old West again. During our last bout of gaming, different players were joining the campaign at different points, generally depending on when models were getting finished. Such a difference … Continue reading

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Torpedoes Away! (or starting Battlefleet Gothic Again)

Although I posted some photos of my Imperial fleet and had a few games of BFG in the new year, I haven’t done much with the game since then. The group was on a long kick of Warmachine, and when … Continue reading

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Geek Day Diary Entry #2: "Slightly Improved Performance"

Dear Diary, The day had finally arrived – our second Geek Day. My game group recently began hosting a monthly Geek Day. We rent space at a nearby church and organize gaming for an entire Saturday. We aren’t playing any … Continue reading

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Workbench Update: Scale Inconsistency

So I’ve just finished painting the Black 13th Strike Team for my Cygnar army. I find that I rushed a little here and there, and was sloppy in a couple of places. The real issue was scale inconsistency. Even though … Continue reading

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Impetus Battle Report – A New Opponent

Although we typically play Warmachine on Saturday nights, Chris H. had just finished painting his first 300-point Palmyran force. For those who aren’t aware (and I’m sure most are), Palmyra was a Roman province in Syria that had a very … Continue reading

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Ken Starts Ancient British (and other progress in the group)

Stu, Ken, and I got together tonight in the trusty geek room for a couple of hours to do some “work.” Ken bought a 6mm Ancient British army pack years ago (around the same time I bought the Romans), and … Continue reading

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