Workbench Update: Getting to Grips with Cygnar

One of my new geekly aspirations is to try and be a little more active in posting about what I’m actually working on at any given time. When I started this blog, I had envisioned writing about what I was doing, what I was planning on doing, and what I pondered potentially doing. I never really went down that road, but I hope to remedy that detour now.

I just finished spraying the matte varnish on the Hunter Light Warjack and a Light Warjack Wreck Marker. I’m very pleased with both, although I’d love to leave the wreck marker on the shelf.

Tonight I hope to start painting a model that I’ve been avoiding – the mounted warcaster Jeremiah Kraye. I think it’s one of the most amazingly-sculpted models I’ve ever owned. I would like to finish this model, get a few games in, and then decide if I might try him out at the next Geek Day on May 23rd.

I’ve actually pondered painting the horse pinto-style, or maybe just a nice dark chestnut with white markings. The stock paintjob from Privateer Press (which is very beautifully-painted) has the horse painted grey. I hate grey-painted horses in wargames. It’s just one of my wargaming pet peeves. Horses painted any shade of grey make me think of My Little Pony, and then I can’t take the model seriously. Whatever happens, I will not ruin this lovely model with grey paint.

Here’s what I have left in my Cygnar collection. Pictured from left to right are Rupert Carvolo, Epic Nemo, the Black 13th Strike Team, and another Journeyman Warcaster.

I am aiming to have all of these models painted before May 23rd. That’s not to say I would use all of these days on the next Geek Day, but I would like to have the option. Also, on principle alone, I want my Cygnar collection finished so I can concentrate on other projects before and during the summer.

Finally, my birthday looms near. I’ve been pondering picking up a few Cygnar models to round out the old collection. In no particular order…

  • Stormguard x 2 (to round the unit out to 10 for Mk II)
  • Gun Mage Officer
  • Marcus “Seige” Brisbane
  • Hammersmith heavy jack
  • Darius and Halfjacks

I may buy some or none of these. I can’t decide if I want a few more Cygnar items, or perhaps models for non-Warmachine projects. Since the majority of my group plays Warmachine, it’s very difficult not to dabble with other factions. For now, I resist. Let’s see what happens when the Retribution is released.

Thanks for reading,

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