Late Achaemenid Persians – First Painted Models

As I stated in the previous post, this army is going to be a colourful one. The way I’ve reasoned it, there are essentially two types of units in the army; regular units (uniform and colourful) and irregular units (varied and colourful).

I started by painting eight colonist cavalry models. At VBU=3 they are inferior to most medium cavalry. That is to say, the medium cavalry of most ancient armies were elite or semi-elite troops. To represent this inferiority, I decided to paint eight models per base, as compared to my regular ten models per base for more effective medium cavalry.

The first batch of four from both sides.

The second four, including a leader and standard.

Sorry for the slight blur. I think they give the general idea regardless of photo quality.

I’m having a ball painting these models. They provide a nice change of pace from painting lines and lines of Romans. Next on the list – prep up some more models for spraying and start painting some skirmishing archers. As usual, I’ll keep you updated.

Thanks for reading,

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