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Workbench Update: Getting to Grips with Cygnar

One of my new geekly aspirations is to try and be a little more active in posting about what I’m actually working on at any given time. When I started this blog, I had envisioned writing about what I was … Continue reading

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Geek Day Diary Entry #1: "Drowning in Humility"

Dear Diary,.nobrtable br { display: none } Geekly supplies packed and ready The open road and geekly possiblity lies before me. The Church – for some a house of worship, for us, a house of war. Today was the day … Continue reading

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Warmachine Action: The High Reclaimer Takes the Field

Since Stu was out of commission for our usual Thursday night Impetus action, I stopped down to Marc’s house where he and Ken typically play Warmachine on Thursdays. In the midst of drinking tea, heckling, and eating Angie’s wonderful banana … Continue reading

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The Road to Assumption

I know my Old West gaming has taken a back seat as of late, but it most definitely has not been forgotten. We all managed to get posses painted, and I built enough buildings to set the scene. However, because … Continue reading

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Warmachine Action: Haley’s Defeat(s)

Another Saturday night came and went, and I was left chewing on the bitter scraps of defeat. I played two 35-point games using the new MkII rules; one against Cryx (Marc), and one against Menoth (Ken). For both games I … Continue reading

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Lt. Caine vs. Sorsha – Mk II battle report

The group made the switch to Privateer Press’s Warmachine Mk II ruleset this week. After learning the basics last night, Chris H. and I had a small 21-point game this afternoon. I played Allister Caine w/Centurion, Journeyman Warcaster w/Charger, Long … Continue reading

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Persian Force Organization (or: making sense of mayhem)

No, I haven’t forgotten about the Persians. After a couple of busy days at work, the four-day weekend is finally here! Throughout the week, I ran into a few snags as I started prepping models. First of all, I became … Continue reading

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