Major Victoria Haley – 750 point list for Warmachine

Saturday night past, Ken, Marc, Chris H., and I had the opportunity to play three games of Warmachine/Hordes each. I was too lazy to take photos during the play, and all of the games were great, but I thought I would take some shots of the 750 point list I used against Marc’s Cryx list.

Major Victoria Haley w/Squire, Lancers x 2, Centurion, Ironclad, and Defender.

Journeyman Warcaster w/Sentinal

Support units: Chief Mechanik w/Goblin Bodgers x 3, Arlen Strangeways, Stormsmith x 1

The grand total was 15 models at 749 points – quite a low model count by many standards to be sure. However, I’ve been wanting to try a list like this for some time. The key was Haley’s high focus stat and large control area (both improved thanks to the newly-painted squire.) I knew she would be capable of controlling all of those jacks, and it turns out I was right.


Without photos, I won’t go into detail describing the play-by-play, as I think many blog readers are mostly interested in photos and short blurbs. I will say I had an amazing first turn, where Haley cast Domination on both Marc’s Deathjack and Harrower. This allowed her to take control of the heavy Cryx jacks, walk them back into the Cryx lines, and take out the Skarlock and the Necrotech. It was quite enjoyable.

The game was very dynamic, and was shaping up to be a big jack brawl in the middle of the table. However, on turn three, Marc forgot to move Skarre, and left her on the hill. Even though her defense was high, Haleys’ magic attack score of 8 meant that two arcane bolts found their way home and ended the game.

I wouldn’t play this type of list all of the time, but every once and a while it’s fun to take all of your big models off of the shelf, put them in one list, and march them across the table towards the enemy.

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