Human Border Patrol – Song of Blades and Heroes

I had an opportunity to take a few shots of Chris’s Empire warband. The models are constructed from GW’s newest Empire infantry boxed sets. The warband contains eight models and adds up to 298 points.

Border Patrol (298 points)
Human Leader x 1, Human Soldiers x 5, Human Crossbowmen x 2

Captain – Human Leader (60 points)
Quality: 3+ / Combat: 3 / Special: Leader

Human Soldiers (30 points each)
Quality: 3+ / Combat: 3 / Special: None

Human Crossbowmen (44 points each)
Quality: 3+ / Combat: 3 / Special: Shooter (Long)

About the Models:

Chris painted these in the traditional colours of Nordland in the Empire (GW’s Old World, for the WH crew). We are still roughing out our campaign world, and may go with a more generic fantasy setting. If we devise our own, this warband will be the one small spark of human civilization on the map (in an otherwise monster-ridden part of the world.

According to Chris, after the campaign gets underway, all of his models will be named after characters in the Sven Hassel novels.

Finally, as I stated earlier, all of the models are built from GW Empire plastics. However, the captain model is a kit-bash made from Empire infantry body, sword-arm, and shield. The armoured shield-arm is from the Empire militia kit, and the head is a spare Reiksguard knight head.

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