Chaos Dwarf Warband – Song of Blades and Heroes

After recently purchasing, playing, and falling completely for Song of Blades and Heroes, I decided it was time to make a concerted effort to construct a couple of warbands from my unused miniature collection. I started by using these Chaos Dwarf models to construct a standard size 300 point warband.

Gro-ghall’s Hunting Party (300 points)
Chieftan x 1, Savages x 2, Hunters x 3, Gunners x 2

Gro’ghall – Chaos Dwarf Chieftan (92 pts)
Quality: 3+ / Combat: 5 / Special: Mounted, Tough

Chaos Dwarf Savages (40 pts each)
Quality: 3+ / Combat: 4 / Special: Short Move, Savage

Chaos Dwarf Hunters (24 pts each)
Quality: 4+ / Combat: 3 / Short Move, Shooter-medium

Chaos Dwarf Gunners (28 pts each)
Quality: 3+ / Combat: 3 / Short Move, Shooter-short

About the models:

These models were originally built and painted as a chaos dwarf race for my WH40k Lost and the Damned army. The models were fielded as Traitor units, and the rest of the collection displays various types of futuristic pistols, assault weapons, and even act as crew on my vehicles. When I read the SBH rules for the first time, I stumbled upon these on top of the model shelf, abandoned and forgotten.

The models are built primarily from GW’s previous incarnation of dwarf models. The various arm and weapon combinations are made by mixing and matching bitz from goblin, catachan, and chaos marauder sprues.

Even though the paintjobs are not that hot, it’s great to have an excuse to field these models, and I plan on playing this warband regularly over the next while.

Thanks for reading,

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