The Might of the Empire – Early Imperial Roman Army for Impetus

After much daydreaming, I finally finished painting a Roman army for Impetus, my new favourite historical wargame. The force shown here contains enough units to play a full 500-point game with options.

Skirmishers look for a river ford in order to scout ahead.

A provincial-born general leads the Auxilia wing.

Unit-By-Unit Photos:

Legionnaires (6 units)

Auxilia (4 units)

Eastern Archers (2 units)

Ballistae (2 units)

Balearic Slingers (2 units)

Javalinmen (1 units)

Equites Alares (2 units)

Numidian Cavalry (2 units)

Equites Contariorum (1 unit)

Command Staff (3 markers)

About the project:

This is the project that I tracked right here in the new year. It was quite enjoyable, and I will be painting more armies for Impetus in both 6mm and 15mm scales. I had acquired most of these models some years ago, and as with many geekly purchases, they were dashed to the sidelines and forgotten. I decided to paint them up as a quick way to start learning the game with a like-minded gamer. As I started painting the units, I found the 6mm experience strangely satisfying. I like that an army is CHEAP, can be painted fast (with all the options), and that when all is said and done, it actually looks like an army.

And another point on this 6mm business. I’d like to de-bunk a myth that’s commonly associated with this scale. Yes, it’s true that 6mm figures can be painted quickly, with many shortcuts employed and so forth. However, I have discovered that these models reward care and attention in the same way as any other scale of model does. In other words, if one makes the extra little bit of effort, the models will show it on the table.

About the army:

The troops themselves add up to almost 500 points, so when generals and command structure are counted in, this is essentially a 500-point army that includes options for different campaigns and foes. I find Impetus to be an incredibley enjoyable game. It gives the feel of a battle, but in a more reasonable amount of time than some other games, and leaves time for post-game tea and chatting. Advancing the infantry mass is very satisfying, and as I learn the subtleties of both the rules and my army, the game becomes more and more satisfying everytime I play it.

Thanks for reading,

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