Muster of the Parthian Army

So here’s how it went down. Stu and I prepared armies for playing Impetus. I did Romans and he did Parthians. As an ex-Baccus dealer (and a general collect-a-holic geek), Stu supplied me with various 6mm figures for the Roman army, all of my bases, and even a few models for the Old West project. Feeling guilty (and on a tight gaming budget for the coming months), I offered to base his Parthian army in pseudo-payment.

You’ll notice that the pics aren’t perfect, but they give the general idea. Here’s the army arrayed for battle. Three games running and I haven’t beaten them yet. Their day will come however. I think. Maybe.

Skirmishers armed with “short bow B” according to the rules. With an upgrade to VBU=3, they are just enough to harass my forces, and more importantly, they screen the advance of the cataphracts. Wiley bastards.

And speaking of cataphracts… ugh. I should have “lost” a few units while I was basing them.

A glam shot from the other side. I understand the reasons why people don’t want to paint 6mm armies, but it’s hard to deny how impressive they look sprawled out on the field (That wasn’t a dig against you K – relax) They actually look like (egads, is it actually possible!) – an army. I love it!

For those who play Impetus, this collection is comprised of generals x 3, horse archers x 14, cataphracts x 6, and skirmishers x 4. For those who don’t play Impetus, wake up! It is a truly fantastic game. If you want to actually feel like you are watching a battle unfold, this is the game for you.

Thanks for reading,

P.S. Stu, I hope you are pleased with the final product. Now your army can look stylish while it runs mine into the ground. – J

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