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Song of Blades and Heroes – first test game

So tonight I made a giant leap in my geeking, and whether forward or backward remains to be seen. In the interest of learning the newly-acquired Song of Blades and Heroes, I set up a solo game and tried to … Continue reading

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Warmachine Action: Cygnar vs. Menoth

So you all thought I’d given up on Warmachine… fools! I still love the models, love the game, but it was starting to go stale on me. It wasn’t the game itself, but the fact that it was the only … Continue reading

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The Law Comes to Hackett Farm

Many developments have taken place since we last looked in on the Assumption Vigilence Committee. There were even more violent engagements in Assumption inself. More brave citizens joined Sheriff Mast’s cause, and the infamous outlaw leader, Gentlemen Earl himself, was … Continue reading

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Assumption: a project update (aka: my incredibly productive snow day)

Snowy days are generally not uncommon where I live. However, I work in a field where snow days are VERY rare, and today, the unthinkable happened – I had a snow day! Suffice it to say, at 7:00 am I … Continue reading

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The Might of the Empire – Early Imperial Roman Army for Impetus

After much daydreaming, I finally finished painting a Roman army for Impetus, my new favourite historical wargame. The force shown here contains enough units to play a full 500-point game with options. Skirmishers look for a river ford in order … Continue reading

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Geek Day Diary Entry #0: "A Wonderful Day of Geeking"

Dear Diary, Today, our group participated in a mixed gaming day that brought together various groups of wargamers and roleplayers from the St. John’s area. All proceeds from the door and the sale of junk food and raffle tickets went … Continue reading

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Muster of the Parthian Army

So here’s how it went down. Stu and I prepared armies for playing Impetus. I did Romans and he did Parthians. As an ex-Baccus dealer (and a general collect-a-holic geek), Stu supplied me with various 6mm figures for the Roman … Continue reading

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