Game Markers for Impetus

I’m finishing off my last few units for the Early Imperial Romans, mostly light infantry and cavalry. I’m so close now that I’ve decided not to post any more pics until it’s all finished. Then I can take some shots of the whole army spread out on the table. Until then however, I thought I’d show you all the markers, both homemade and improvised, that we will be using for playing Impetus.

Last night Stu and I played our first game and loved it. In addition to the regular measuring devices and dice, there are a few odds and ends required in order to get the full gaming experience. Tonight after supper I made these Zone of Control markers. I made these out of the same cardboard I used to make my Western buildings, and decorated them with a little paint.

The ZOC marker is used during play to determine when enemy units enter or pass through a unit’s zone of control. Here’s one laid in front of an archer unit. It runs the length of the base (6cm) and extends out 5cm.

A more aerial view. These are only laid on the table when ZOC situations arise.

I also use these wooden markers (from the boardgame Rheinlander) The red ones represent Disorder and the green ones are used to mark units on Opportunity. We may come up with something better down the road (models on small bases, perhaps)

Here’s how we kept track of things last night. The die tracks the unit value (VBU) and the red marker shows disorder. As new players learning the units’ limitations, there was A LOT of disorder during our first game.

This will likely be the last post in this thread. The next post concerning this army will be a full gallery shots of the entire army. I can’t wait!

Thanks for reading,

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