Almost there – Archers, Cavalry, and a Basing Idea

Thought I’d given up, huh? Thrown in the towel. Lesser geeks would be done for by now, it’s true, but I forge onwards. I’ve finally reached the point where I’m far closer to the end of the project than I am to the beginning. It feels good.

For some reason I was avoiding painting the Auxiliary Archers because I thought they were going to be nit-picky. Boy, was I wrong; they’ve been the easiest unit to paint in the entire Roman range. Here are two units from the front…

…and from the back. I had to show the back because I was please how the quivers turned out, and with very little effort I should add.

The second unit of cavalry, looking very much like the first.

I realized that when I posted the first cavalry unit I never showed it from the back. I figured I’d take the opportunity this time around.

And now for a word on the basing material I’ll be using. The original Legion test-unit was based with just sand. I found it a little too blah and promptly ripped it from the base. I’ve tried something different.

Pictured below is some of my homemade flocking. I have a few boxes of dried bark that I pulled from a gigantic dead tree. I smashed some pieces with a hammer, and eventually got a coarse mixture. I added some sand and came up with this concoction.

I tested it out on an Auxilia unit. I think it makes the base look more interesting and random than just sand. Sand alone works well on 28mm models, but I think at this scale, it’s too perfect, and makes it seem like everyone is standing on the beach. We’ll see how it looks when it paints up.

So, where are we now?

Good question. I figured it’s about time for an update, a glance back at the initial goal. Here’s the original 500-point list I came up with at the beginning of the project. Units in RED have been completed, and those in BLACK remain unfinished:

Command: Generals x 3
Cavalry Units: Medium Cavalry (Alares) x 2, Light Cavalry (Libyans) x 1
Infantry; Melee: Legionnaires x 6, Auxilia x 4
Infantry; Missile: Auxiliary Archers x 2, Ballistae (mobile) x 1
Skirmishers: Balearic Slingers x 2

TOTAL REMAINING – 4 units & 3 command stands

Here’s what’s left to paint. This includes the 4 units, as well as the command stands.

It’s been quite a few years since I imposed a strict time limit on myself for a modelling project. Even though there are headaches (i.e. painting at times when you’re not quite in the mood), it’s quite rewarding to see a project come together before other distractions take over.

Thanks for reading,

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