Parthians Smarthians…

Parth-who? Never heard of them… Oh, those Parthians… the ones who crushed Rome… numerous times.

So Stu came over tonight and we did some social geeking. Stu concentrated on getting his models on bases for Impetus. He based some horse archers (surprise surprise)…

…and some cataphracts…

…and more horse archers.

Meanwhile, I worked on my second unit of Roman cavalry and two units of slingers…

…and prepped up some light cavalry for painting. These are the only models I was waiting on for my EIR army. They are Baccus codes; Libyan light cavalry I believe. I will paint them in non-descript tunics, and will probably vary the shield colours and designs. The great thing about Impetus basing – 10 6mm light cavalry will make two units.

If you were ever curious to see the footprint of a 500-point Parthian army for Impetus, here’s your chance – 6 units of cataphracts and 12 units of horse archers.

As ever, Stu’s over-meticulous nature becomes tiresome. Who finds time to colour-code their paint collection this way?

We had a productive night, and more importantly, we drank tea and discussed the finer points of other armies, “It would be so cool to blah blah blah…” Next week we will try a test game of Impetus to start learning the rules. I would guess fully painted photos will be posted by the end of January.

Thanks for reading,

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