EIR – Roman Cavalry

After finishing off all of that infantry last week I kind of ran out of steam. Not to fear however. I’ve painted one unit of medium cavalry and have made a start on the second. Here’s the first unit based up.

I had prepared 12 models/unit, but as I was painting, I realized that the base would be a little too packed for medium cavalry. As a comparison, Stu is basing heavy cavalry (i.e. Parthian cataphracts) 12 to a base. I would like the distinction between the two units at least somewhat represented. I’ve suggested two lines, but have arranged the figures a little more loosely than I might have for true heavy cavalry.

Finally, as discussed in an earlier post, the cavalry is based on 60x40mm, as opposed to the 60x30mm dimensions used for infantry.

Finally (really this time), Stu is coming over tomorrow night to work on the armies a little more. I may paint, I may apply sand, but whichever, we’ll be doing something productive.

Thanks for reading,

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