BFG engagements – Crush the Aliens!

The geeking last night started with a game of Warmachine between Kreoss (i.e. Ken) and the Witch Coven (i.e. Marc), but by the time I remembered to get the camera, the game was well under way. I decided to snap some Battlefleet Gothic shots instead, as I was lucky enough to have two new opponents.

Chris showed up with his 650-point Eldar fleet. It’s composed of a Shadow Class Cruiser, Aconite Frigates x 3, Hellebore Frigates x 2, and a few upgrades.

The “other Chris” (from now on referred to as non-coughing Chris, aka NC Chris) brought along his Tau fleet. His three cruisers are scratchbuilt from leftover bitz from Tau vehicle kits. Very nice stuff! I don’t know the names of any of the ships, so I won’t even attempt it.

Fleet Engagement One: Imperial Navy vs. Eldar Space Pirates

The first scrap was between my Imperials and Chris’s Eldar. The first shot was taken after the first turn. The Eldar frigates made a fairly ineffective attack and fled to the asteroid field.

The Admiral of the Dictator class Imperial cruiser dispatched Starhawk bombers and ordered them towards the asteroid field in an attempt to ambush the space pirates if they tried again.

The Shadow class cruiser opens up on the Sword squadron and wrecks a frigate.

The space panzee… ehh.. pirates “strategically reform” (read: flee) but are chased down by frigates. The Sword weapons batteries cripple the Eldar capital ship.

Meanwhile, the second Sword squadron, with some assistance from the Dauntless light cruisers, dispatch the remaining Eldar frigates. Victory to the Imperium!

Fleet Engagement Two: Imperial Navy vs. Tau Navy

NC Chris and I played a similar sized-game. The Tau began by unleasing a hail of torpedoes and holding their fleet back.

This game became a close-up fleet action with opposing fighters and bombers trading blows between the enemy capital ships. Broadsides erupted in a hail of small craft action (picture the assault on the Death Star). Imperial shields saved the day, and the Starhawk bombers (clearly the MVP’s of the evening) took their toll on the Tau Navy.

On the other side of the planet, the Imperial Firestorm frigates traded blows with the Tau frigates for the entire game.

Broadside and bomber madness escalated to new levels of destruction. Two Tau cruisers were wrecked and the hulks drifted into space. The remaining capital ship, under orders of the Tau Admiral, disengaged and fled. Victory to the Emperor… again!

So, it was another night of successful geeking. Our group is growing. This presents some challenges, namely the logistics of how many games we are limited to on a Saturday night. However, this is far outweighed by the new interests brought to the group, as well as the opportunity to explore new games and modelling opportunities. Now we just have to get Ken’s fancy new geek room up and running (i.e. two geek tables), and the geek madness will take on a whole new level.

Thanks for reading,

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