EIR – Six Legions Finished!

The most nit-picky and irritating models are finally painted! I hope I’m right when I say this, but I think the Baccus legionnaires are the most annoying models in the EIR range when it comes to painting. The way the shields tilt down to the left makes it hard to paint the bottom-left portion without messing up the shield boss or the next soldier.

Here they are ready to base along with the unit that I finished last night. I’m pondering basing them in two groups per base as shown, but maybe a little closer together than the original. If I decide to do that, I’ll pop the first unit off the base and adjust. We’ll see.

Here’s what’s left. As you can see, I’ve drybrushed the silver on the four units of Auxilia. I’m hoping these will paint more organically than the legion did. I still have a couple of hours of productivity left in me tonight, so I’ll see how it goes.

I realize that most people reading this thread will be very familiar with the different scales. However, for those who aren’t, I thought I’d show a little comparison to put the project into perspective.

From L to R:
6mm (Baccus Romans), 10mm (Pendraken Numidian), 15mm (Corvus Belli Man-at-Arms), 28mm (Artizan Pinkerton Detective)

I’m off to the painting table. No more time to write; I’ve got to stay pumped!

Thanks for reading,

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