Hundred Years War English for Impetus – It Begins!

Well, the wait is finally over. I’ve been patiently waiting for one of the geeks to eventually show interest in doing some sort of Impetus project with me. I’ve already painted a 10mm Carthaginian army for Basic Impetus (look to your right – J), but I want to create a full-size army for the game, and furthermore, to have someone to share the project with. After some discussion, Keir has agreed to jump in and do a HYW French force to battle my English. From here on in, I will track my progress, no matter how intermittent it may be.

(List updated – January 4th, 2009)

Command: Average CS, Expert CIC, Fair Generals x 2 – 82 points

Cavalry Units: King and Household x 1, Gascon Men-at-Arms x 1, English Men-at-Arms x 1, Hobilars x 1 – 111 points
Missile Units: Longbowmen x 6, Bombard x 1 – 158 points
Melee Units: Dismounted Men-at-Arms x 3, Welsh Spearmen x 2 – 103 points
Skirmishers: Irish Kerns x 2 – 28 points
Field Fortifications: Stakes x 6 – 18 points

That’s a grand total of 500 points. Although I haven’t really done much towards making this happen yet, I’ve done some picking here and there. Here’s what I have so far…

A few sample dismounted men-at-arms. The models are Corvus Belli.

The shields were painted to match.

Some finished longbowmen. I think I’ll aim for 10 models per base. There are twelve on the base below, but I think it’s a little crowded. These are also Corvus Belli models.

Here’s how I and thinking of organizing the heavy infantry – two lines of five or six per base. This layout will likely represent a men-at-arms unit with one of the generals attached.

Here are some Welsh spearmen from Feudal Castings. (Keir – as per our conversation.) Toying around with the idea of a mounted unit leader. It’s purely esthetic of course, but these little touches are what makes element-based gaming fun.

Except for the bombard and crew, I have all of the models required to create the army listed above, but I may tweak as time goes on. Historically, I feel like I should have more archers, but in terms of overall fun (both painting fun and gaming fun), I want the project to be varied. All comments, criticisms, and suggestions are very welcome.

Thanks for reading,

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