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Hundred Years War English for Impetus – It Begins!

Well, the wait is finally over. I’ve been patiently waiting for one of the geeks to eventually show interest in doing some sort of Impetus project with me. I’ve already painted a 10mm Carthaginian army for Basic Impetus (look to … Continue reading

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Khador vs. Menoth – 1000 point destruction

Last week, Ken and I played our first 1000 point game; my Cygnar vs. Ken’s Menoth. Playing my first 1000-pointer (with 10-minute turn limits) was very mentally taxing, so I never even attempted to take any pictures. However, Keir was … Continue reading

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The Imperial Navy

Now that the group has added Battlefleet Gothic to the regular wargames rotation, I figured it was time to add some nicer “posed” photos of my Imperial fleet. Here’s the painted fleet so far. My cruisers. The two in the … Continue reading

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Clash of the Titans!

Marc and I bought the Battlefleet Gothic boxed game around six years ago, and other than a couple of luke-warm attempts, it’s never really been tried. Last night, we decided to give it a try. Each of us has chosen … Continue reading

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