Workbench Update: A Tour Around the Geek Room

Well, not so much a tour of the room itself, but more of a tour of my active projects and thoughts as of late. To use the cliche… “I’ve got good news, and I’ve got bad news.” The good news, we bought a new digital camera (second hand from my brother) which is far superior to our little dinky one. I can take pics whenever I want now.

The bad news – varnish disaster! The past week has been geek hell for me. After finishing painting my Cygnar Journeyman, I sprayed it with Testor’s glosscote as usual. The next day, I sprayed with a new can of dullcote. It never dulled. At all. I tried 3 or 4 days later. Still no luck. At the end of it all, the model was globbed up so badly that I stripped it. See for yourself.

I eventually resolved the gloss issue using a can of GW Purity Seal I had forgotten about. Even though it looks quite glossy in the picture, this Gun Mage Captain Adept (who was suffering from the same perma-gloss condition) is quite matte in real life. Go figure.

The important thing is I’m back on the painting train. Having to repaint a model I just finished around a week ago is somewhat disheartening, but I’m so close to finishing my Cygnar collection, I just have to keep going until it’s complete.

As for the fences I alluded to in the last post… here they are, construction complete. These are so fast and cheap, I’ll likely make more for Old West gaming.

And speaking of Old West gaming, I based up my new Western models. I’ll be playing a Lawmen posse in Legends of the Old West and these Pinkerton models will be used as my Vigilantes. The three in the back are Artizan, while the front two are from the Foundry’s “The Shootists” pack.

The remaining four will be used for my Sheriff and Deputies, at least for now. I want to pick up another Foundry pack of armed townsfolk to field as Upstanding Citizens, but there’s no rush on that.

As to what I’m painting now (tonight in fact)… Epic Haley for my Cygnar force. As you can see, I’m in the enthralling (*yawn*) stages of basecoating. The model is great and I”m hoping Haley (and the journeyman?) will be finished for this weekend so we can play 1000 points.

And what do we have over on this end of the table. My goodness! Are those the bits and pieces of Peace River forces for Heavy Gear Blitz? Why yes they are! This won’t happen until later (maybe even after Xmas), but I had to haul them out of the boxes and have a look. As you can see from the photo, I’m playing with the idea of mounting these on washers instead of the small hex bases that come with the models. No decision on this yet – I’ll continue reflecting.

Those who bought the 5th or 6th edition(?) of Warhammer Fantasy Battle should recognize this little number. It’s one of three card buildings that came along with all those wonderful plastic Lizardmen and Bretonnians. I’m going to fix the minor damage and mount it up for stability. I think it will work great for Warmachine, and it makes me feel a little nostalgic ta boot.

So, that’s what’s going on in my geek zone right now. I’m posting primarily for our geeks abroad, in the hopes that my many aspirations will inspire and amuse.

Thanks for reading,

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