Trollblood Gallery

I play the Trollblood faction for Privateer Press’s steampunk skirmish game Hordes. When the starter box sets for this game first came out, one of the guys in the group purchased it and assembled the models. Although he never pursued the faction, I must thank him. When I got my hands on those models for the first time I knew that I had to do a troll project, based on the models if nothing else. So without further ado, I give you… my Trollbloods.

Madrak Ironhide

Hoarluk Doomshaper

Grissel Bloodsong

Pyre Troll



Dire Troll

Fell Caller


Troll Champions

Pyg Bushwackers

Totem Hunter

As a gamer…

I enjoy playing my troll army. The units are tough, and their beasts can really tear the enemy apart. It’s the one Hordes faction where I find there’s less of a distinction between the infantry and the beasts. I know there’s nothing more frustrating for the opponent than taking out a troll model, and then having them survive thanks to the toughness ability. After I sold my Khador force, the Trolls were my only force for Hordes & Warmachine for about six months, and I played them exclusively. Although I use them as a break from my Cygnar lately, I love the army, and will always play it.

As a painter…

I was in a different place as a painter when I started the Trollblood force. I did silly things, like use random washes of watered-down paints over the top of highlighted layers that I didn’t record. Ever since, every troll paintjob has been a shot in the dark. I don’t think one model in the army has the same recipe of purple, pink, and red.

Otherwise, I think that the troll sculpter really nailed the essence of “trolliness” with this range, something that has eluded GW sculptors for over 20 years in my opinion. Like many PP models, they may be very finicky to paint, but they certainly reward your hard work.

Thanks for reading,

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