Battle Report: Lt. Allister Caine vs. Warwitch Deneghra

Well, the first battle report seemed to entertain those who partook, so I forge onwards once again. It’s Wednesday night – not generally a game night in our group. Marc’s girlfriend had work engagements however, and a geek without purpose or task is a bit of a timebomb, so I stepped in and did my geekly duty.

I set the table up to resemble some sort of hut or farmstead, perhaps near the borders of one of the great forests. Regardless of location, Lt. Caine and his entourage discover a Cryxian scouting part heading their way, and decide to hold up in the plantation grounds and to wait in ambush.

The forces deployed: (Don’t miss the advance deployed Deathjack behind that tree)

And those forces were:

Cygnar – 499 pts (played by me)
Lt. Allister Caine w/Centurion, Journeyman Warcaster w/Sentinal, Gun Mage Captain Adept x 1, Stormsmiths x 3, Long Gunners x 6. Arcane Gun Mages x 6

Cryx – 499 pts (played by Marc)
Warwitch Deneghra, Deathripper x 2, Nightwretch x 1, Slayer x 1, Deathjack x 1, Mechanithralls x 6

I think I should point out a couple of quick things. First of all, I was playing, so I never kept notes. Therefore, I don’t know what turns the events acually happened in, so this report is chronological, but a little looser than the last one.

Secondly, Marc had his Nightwretches half-painted, meaning that this was the first time he could play painted models entirely from his collection. That’s why we’re not seeing the Pistol Wraith, Bloat Thrall, or the Scarlock.

And We’re Off!

As player one, I spent the majority of the first turn running forces into position…

…and getting those Stormsmiths behind the forest with the intention of disrupting approaching Cryxian warjacks.

Speaking of approaching Cryxian warjacks – yikes! That looks suspiciously like a Deathjack. Like all Cryx opponents, I hate the thing.

A Cryxian arc node got close enough to cause trouble. Deneghra cast Crippling Grasp on the Sentinal.

Wave two of the Cryx force, the Slayer, Mechanithralls, and Deneghra herself get ready to cross the roadway.

A view of my right side of the table.

And the other side. Notice how dangerously close that Deathjack was, right behind that forest.

The Sentinal had Snipe cast on it (for a 5-inch range boost) during the first turn, but he certainly didn’t need it to deal with this Deathripper. Two systems were taken out, and the Deathripper was all but shut down. In fact, Caine himself finished off the bonejack, and removed one dangerous arc node from the opposing force.

The Centurion heavy jack makes his way out from the hedge opening, preparing to engage the approaching enemy. The journeyman had cast Arcane Shield on it, so at ARM:24, I wasn’t worried about it going down.

A Stormsmith hit the Deathjack with a Stormcall action and disrupted it. Always keep the Deathjack disrupted! That’s a tip kids! Write it down!

Meanwhile, without worthwile targets, the Cynarean troops establish a firing line.

Another view of the Cryxian right flank before they made their move.

Caine and his officers stay in the cover of the plantation grounds, ready to lead the main ambush.

Caine started by sending the Centurion charging into an approaching bonejack. Although it did no damage, the Centurion had the lesser jack tied-up for the present.

The gun mages tried to roast the enemies of Cygnar with little (i.e. no) success.

Deneghra involved in some evil battleplan no doubt. Wench!

The mechanithralls ran across the road and stuck close to the Deathjack.

Cygnar solos did their part, as they blasted the approaching undead and foul Cryxian mechanica.

Long gunners lined up and shot at a bonejack, and did very little in the process. No friends, it was not the Cygnar infantry who would take the day, but I digress:)

The damn Deathjack breaks through the forest, and takes out a stormsmith with some spell or other.

The Sentinal stepped out into the roadway and started mowing down Mechanithralls. It felt good!

A bone turkey approached the gun mages and killed the sergeant. Keep reading for the horrifying outcome.

After feating, the warwitch herself charged the Sentinal, hit it, and Shadow Bound it.

The action so far.

And then she did it. Deneghra cast Dark Seduction on the Gun Mages. My command was 6 without the sergeant, and further lowered to 4 thanks to the Withering. Ugh! The Gun Mages were now under the control of the Warwitch.

Marc felt the need to point out the targets to the Gun Mages, just in case they were unclear as to which side they were playing for.

And these three roasted my Gun Mage Captain Adept and the another Stormsmith. Things were looking grim for Allister Caine and Cygnar’s finest.

The now cleaned out Cygnarean flank. Remember, the Gun Mages were under the effect of the Withering, and had no realistic chance of hitting Caine (just in case you were wondering. Marc’s no fool).

Although this shot obscures most of her base, you’ll see that Deneghra was engaged with the Centurion. However, thanks to the Withering, his MAT was only 3, which meant he needed 13 on three dice to hit the witch…

… and boy did he get it! Oh happy day! One smack from the blue behemoth and the frail caster was smote to the ground.

It was a great game. Marc had a bad turn where he forgot to move his arc nodes (hey, it happens to all of us). Other than that, I felt on the ropes at one point, as I was doing very little to some of the larger targets (i.e. Slayer and Deathjack). But one lucky smack at the right time, and it all ended quite unexpectedly. But such is the way of things in the harsh borderlands of the Iron Kingdoms!

Thanks for reading,

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