Carthaginian army for Basic Impetus

I’ve never played a historical wargame before. I’ve looked at a few over the past year, specifically Field of Glory and Warmaster Ancients. Both seem like good games in their own right, but it was Basic Impetus (and the full version, Impetus) that ultimately inspired me to take action. I was given a Carthaginian army by my parents last Christmas, so I finally got down to business. I humbly present my Carthaginian army for Basic Impetus.

The Carthaginian list for BI contains 10 units with a few options. My army is made up of 10mm Pendraken models. Pendraken’s site has very few pictures, so I’ve included the Pendraken product codes for those who have ever been curious to see the models. My army includes:

  • African Cavalry (w/general) x 1 (ACA5 & AR6)
  • Libyan Spear x 2 (ACA3 & ACA4)
  • Gallic Allies x 2 (AG1)
  • Numidian Cavalry x 2 (ACA6)
  • Libyan Skirmishers x 2 (ACA1)
  • Elephants x 1 (ACA7)

Basic Impetus is a free set of rules with A LOT of army lists online. I’d recommend checking out the site. And for those interested, Pendraken’s ancients section is this way. Finally, I’ll leave you with a few close ups:

African Cavalry (w/general)

Numidian Cavalry

Libyan Skirmishers

Gallic Warband

African Elephants

Thanks for reading,

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