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Battle Report: "Deneghra Strikes Back"

They say the third time’s a charm… liars! Not for me anyway. The first game Saturday night was a 500 point match-up of my Cygnar against Marc’s Cryx. For some inexplicable reason I chose Stryker as my caster. I’ve never … Continue reading

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Humble Hovel

As discussed in my previous post, I was intending to create some simple (and cheap) buildings. After fairly minimal effort using cheap (and free) materials, this is what I’ve come up with. The next step is to undercoat and strengthen … Continue reading

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Workbench Update: Projects on the Horizon

It looks as if my collection of Warmachine Cygnar models will all be completed by the end of September. Although I love the game, I don’t plan to add any substantial amount of new units to my Privateer Press collection … Continue reading

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Battle Report: Lt. Allister Caine vs. Warwitch Deneghra

Well, the first battle report seemed to entertain those who partook, so I forge onwards once again. It’s Wednesday night – not generally a game night in our group. Marc’s girlfriend had work engagements however, and a geek without purpose … Continue reading

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Battle Report: The Witch Coven vs. Reznik

Thursday night was my first opportunity to act as a roving reporter. I came barrelling through Marc’s door with camera and notepad in hand. I had it on good intel that there was to be a game of Warmachine (as … Continue reading

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Out-of-control Shapechanger

Anyone who’s been on this site in the past hour or so (read: me) may have noticed the layout template changing. This blog thing is new and I can’t resist the urge to try every template available. So, I’ve currently … Continue reading

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Carthaginian army for Basic Impetus

I’ve never played a historical wargame before. I’ve looked at a few over the past year, specifically Field of Glory and Warmaster Ancients. Both seem like good games in their own right, but it was Basic Impetus (and the full … Continue reading

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